Some tips on how to choose the best basin faucet

Choosing a basin tap at home

If you have decided to opt for a washbasin tap at home to modify one of the most intimate environments in the home, but you don't know which one best suits your needs and your own personality to create a pleasant environment, here we give you tips on how to do it correctly and have the bathroom of your dreams.

From Rovira Tapsone of the most consolidated brands in designer taps for the home, we make it easy for you. We are going to give you some advice so that you can finally make up your mind and finally choose the best basin tap that suits you.

Child-resistant taps

If you have small children, we are sure that they are extremely careless and leave the tap running on many occasions. This is one of the most common ways of wasting water flow and exponentially increasing water consumption.

We give you the solution to this problem: choose a basin tap with sensors. These taps cut off or start the water flow as soon as they detect the presence or absence of hands and prevent the tap from running at all times when we do not need to use water.

QBOSS basin tap collectionLess space, more design for the washbasin

If you want to make the most of your space and especially if you have a small space, we are going to try to make the most of every millimetre of your furniture or worktop, as on many occasions the choice of the basin tap we make will take up a lot of space.

One of the possible solutions is to choose a built-in tap that will leave free space and at the same time give a touch of originality and modernity to your bathroom.

Built-in or not, discover our avant-garde line QBOSS faucet collection and get an idea of which of our designs can work in your small space.

The key point of washbasin fittings 

You are probably someone who likes to enjoy hot water at just the right temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. We are convinced that it must be very difficult to find that ideal point of water heat that you want without an excessive flow of water.

A clear solution is a thermostatic basin tap to achieve that ideal temperature that you have always been looking for and have not been able to find. Both in basin taps and in any bathtub tap, temperature is one of the most important factors.

It will probably cost you a little more financially for this type of tap for your washbasin or bathtub but you will end up paying for it. Investing in a designer tap for your basin is no longer an option but a necessity.

This type of basin tap will allow you to save on both gas and electricity consumption, and will also prevent you from consuming an excessive amount of water. In addition, it is a tap that is much safer than the others as it prevents too much hot water from coming out and so you will not burn yourself uncomfortably with an abnormally high flow of hot water.

Taps with artist character

If you are one of those urban artists who have bought a traditional or modern washbasin and have opted for functionality but also for the avant-garde in your washbasin, you now need to find a washbasin tap that goes along the same lines.

Don't despair, we also have the design tap that best suits all your needs and that will be the perfect complement that you were waiting for.

We invite you to discover our NINE Faucet Collection with one of the most avant-garde designs you can currently find on the market and one of the most exquisite polished brass finishes.

NINE collection basin tap

Taps with vintage character

If you are one of those people whose skin is still covered in 80s vinyl, you are in luck. You will be able to opt for a two-handle basin tap with a traditional and exquisite touch of other years.

This designer tap for the basin will provide you with functionality and aesthetics at the same time. This basin tap has two totally separate faucets like the taps of yesteryear and the body or spout is more elongated than other popular taps. You can choose the finish that best suits the environment where you are going to install it. This way you will be transported to another era every time you open one of its taps.

Taps with modern character

If you are absolutely modern, as Rimbaud would say, you need a more minimalist style. We advise you to choose a basin tap where the water falls with a cascade effect, or taps with more square and aesthetically devastating shapes that reflect the personality you have and need to express. Modernity also brings with it a functional element.

As you can see, choosing a basin tap is not a simple matter, and it will depend a lot on your own personality. From Rovira taps we hope we have put ourselves in your shoes to help you choose the best designer tap for your basin. Don't hesitate to visit our website to see the latest news and ask for a no obligation quote. We will be happy to help you.

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